Student Academics

The overall vision of our program is to provide students an authentic American curriculum alongside an intensive Chinese language and culture program. Our unique location, coupled with a certified American staff, allows our program to truly provide students with a unique high school experience.

For more information regarding the vision, curriculums, and courses offered for each subject area, please see the links below.

Students enrolled in our school will complete courses totaling a minimum of 48 credit hours. Saint Paul American School’s graduation requirements are designed to meet American accreditation standards and entry requirements for a wide range of colleges and universities.

Subject area graduation requirements are as follows:

English 8 semester credits (1 must be in Speech)
Math 6 semester credits (2 must be in Algebra II)
Social Studies 7 semester credits (including courses in Geography, Government, U.S. & World History, and Economics)
Science 6 semester credits (2 must be in Biology)
Physical Education 2 semester credits
Health 1 semester credit
Fine/Performing Arts 2 semester credits
Technology 1 semester credit
Foreign Language 6 semester credits (4 must be in the same language)
Elective 9 semester credits (Any credits in the previous categories that exceed the requirements count as elective credits)