Why Us?

Why should I attend St. Paul American School?

  1. Our Curriculum

    The U.S. curriculum is taught by American teachers alongside a special Chinese curriculum, provided by the Second High School in China.

  2. U.S. High School Diploma with Cognia Accreditation

    Successful graduates registered at SPAS will earn a high school diploma which is accredited by Cognia, a leader in school accreditation.

  3. Global Perspective and Flexible Attitude

    As China emerges as a world power, it joins the U.S. as a leading nation in the world. Our school recognizes that successful students should know Chinese and English for their future success. Therefore, we have developed a dual diploma system that features an American curriculum taught in English and a Chinese curriculum that emphasizes language, culture, and history.

  4. Acquisition of Various Languages and Cultures

    The worldwide network of Nacel International, a nonprofit organization with more than 50 years of history, helps our school to recruit international students from Europe, North and South America, and other Asian countries. This international environment helps our students to experience and learn about different cultures and languages, and to be more culturally flexible. This assists them in becoming more emotionally and culturally balanced, as well as prepared for international industries.

  5. Student Exchange Program Through a Worldwide School Network

    Students may take courses on all NISS campuses and will receive credit for all completed coursework. Courses are offered at NISS campuses in the U.S., France, Korea, Poland, Philippines, Vietnam, and soon in Turkey.

  6. Boarding School

    One aspect of St. Paul American School that distinguishes us from other international schools is the boarding school option. This residential life experience allows students to learn and collaborate with one another beyond the classroom. This unique environment ultimately creates a tight-knit community that allows students to learn to live independently and prepare for life at college.

view of school campus