Staff Directory

Department: Administration
Name Department Classes
Mr. Vaughn Administration Principal
Mr. Dignin Administration Assistant Principal
Mr. Aiello Administration Dean of Students
Ms. Song Administration Councelor
Ms. Ognerubova Administration Councelor
Ms. Jinny Administration Councelor
Mr. Terebey Administration Councelor
Mr. Fugitt Administration Data and Technology Coordinator
Department: Humanities
Name Department Classes
Mr. Aiello Humanities AP Psychology, World Government, World History
Ms. Chen Humanities Intensive English III
Ms. Du Humanities Intensive English IV
Mr. K Humanities Financial Literacy, Geography, US History
Mr. Koch Humanities World History, American Government
Mr. Lynes Humanities AP English Literature, English 10, American Literature
Ms. Mao Humanities Intensive English III
Ms. Milner Humanities Academic English
Mr. Painter Humanities English 10
Mr. Stuart Humanities ESL English, ESL Social, MS English
Ms. Wang Humanities Intensive English V
Ms. Yeung Humanities English 9, MS English, World Literature
Ms. You Humanities Intensive English IV
Department: STEM
Name Department Classes
Ms. Barrett STEM Algebra II, Geometry
Mr. Dignin STEM AP Physics, Precalculus
Mr. Downer STEM Biology, AP Biology, Geometry
Mr. Rozzi STEM Algebra II
Mr. Fugitt STEM Precalculus, AP Calculus, Computer Technology
Mr. Sweeney STEM Physical Science, MS Science, Algebra I
Ms. Yakusu STEM Chemistry, Algebra I, Geometry
Department: Elective
Name Department Classes
Ms. Cai Elective Chinese V, Chinese II, HSK V
Ms. Cao Elective Chinese I, Chinese IV, Chinese HSK IV
Mr. Djima Elective Art, Multimedia
Ms. Guo Elective Chinese VI
Mr. Lu Elective Physical Education
Ms. Sun Elective Chinese I, Chinese III, HSK IV
Ms. Tan Elective Drama, Music
Mr. Tanwie Elective Leadership, ESL Science
Mr. Terebey Elective College Preparation, College Readiness
Ms. Wang Elective AP Chinese, Chinese HSK III
Ms. Wang Elective Chinese I, Chinese III, Chinese HSK IV