Saint Paul American School's Athletic Department is dedicated to providing each and every student the opportunity to participate in a competitive athletic pursuit. We are committed to upholding the mission and vision of the school, emphasizing dedication, teamwork, and fair-play. We hope to instill in students a passion for sports and competition through practices, games, and tournaments, and compete in the exciting new Beijing Area Sports Exchange (BASE).

We view athletics as a crucial tool for student growth, allowing student-athletes to develop lasting skills, friendships, and memories both in and out of the sports arena. We strive for excellence and seek to win, but recognize that competing to the best of one's ability is most important. Finally, the athletic program is built upon the foundational concept of Respect: Respect for Self, Respect for Team, Respect for School, and Respect for Opponent. We encourage and invite all students to take part in any of these athletic activities. GO BEARS!

The goals of the SPAS Bears are as follows:

  • To play the game with sportsmanship, pride, and intensity
  • To play as a team
  • To maintain a team GPA of 3.0
  • To promote the values and skills taught at Saint Paul American School
  • To come together to build both championship caliber teams and individuals
  • Enjoy the opportunity to play competitive athletics